Common Holiday Injuries You Can Avoid

The holiday season is all about happiness and spending time with your family and friends. For some unlucky people, the holiday season may also be about injuries. Whether it's a hasty decision caused by excitement, too many cocktails, or some other misstep, a number of people spend a portion of their holiday in a medical treatment facility.


Decorate with your safety in mind. Always avoid hanging lights in areas that you can't securely access. For example, hanging lights on an ice covered section of your roof or an area that is dangerously close to a power line is putting your safety at an unnecessary risk. Falling from your roof can result in broken bones and life-threatening injuries.

If you can't ensure your safety, consider hiring a professional to hang your lights. It's also important to be cautious when caring for your holiday tree. When watering a live tree, ensure you have unplugged the lights first to avoid electrocution.


There are few things more stressful then having a large family dinner planned and running behind in the kitchen. Kitchens pose a number of dangers, and when you are rushing you're more likely to make a mistake and injury yourself. For example, trying to quickly chop up apples for a pie could cause you to accidentally cut your finger. Always plan ahead so that you don't have to rush.

Burns are also a concern during the holidays, particularly when it comes to frying a turkey. Using a turkey fryer indoors, trying to fry a frozen turkey, or setting up the fryer in a tight space with tripping hazards can all lead to dangerous burns.


When you get a new gift for the holidays, opening it and using it are the first things on your mind. Take your time and read all the directions on the gift's packaging to avoid an injury. This is especially important when it comes to toys. Make sure you have removed all the small plastic parts used to secure the toy in the package before giving it to your child, as they pose a serious choking risk.

You also want to thoroughly read the directions for any mechanical or electronic gifts. For example, a child's small toy oven might seem harmless, but if you don't read the directions on how to properly remove the baked goods from the oven, your child could get burned.  

Make sure your holiday plans involve staying safe. Calm down, take your time, and think twice to get the most enjoyment out of the holiday season. If you or a family member or friend need urgent care, contact an establishment like Alaska Urgent Care LLC immediately.