Surprising Causes And Unusual Treatments For Diaper Rash

Diaper rash is an unpleasant experience not just for baby, but also for mom and dad. Most parents assume this problem is because of a wet diaper holding moisture against the skin, or the diaper rubbing against baby's skin. Before slathering on the diaper cream, here are some surprising causes and unusual treatments for diaper rash.

Yeast Infection

A yeast infection often brings to mind commercials of uncomfortable women, but babies can also develop a yeast infection. A child may get this problem when their skin is left warm and wet or if they are on antibiotics. Antibiotics get rid of bacteria, but unfortunately it can't differentiate between bad and good bacteria. It can kill off the needed bacteria and leave an opportunity for unhealthy bacteria to develop into a yeast infection.

Yeast infections should not be treated without a doctor being consulted. Instead of diaper cream, it may be surprising to hear that washing a child's bottom with an antifungal wash and following up with an over the counter antifungal cream can get rid of this annoying condition.

New Foods

Parents delight in introducing their children to new foods. It can be fun to see the child's reaction to the new flavors and textures. However, as interesting as it is to increase baby's repertoire of foods he or she will eat, this is a prime time for diaper rashes to develop.

If a child's body disagrees with new food, whether it be an allergic reaction or merely an irritation to the stomach, a diaper rash can develop. Discontinuing the new food is the best way to prevent this rash from coming back again.

Unique Rash Treatment Ideas

No one wants to see their child suffer, and diaper rashes can be relentless. If the diaper cream container is empty or if the idea of trying an alternative treatment for diaper rash is appealing, here are some unusual options.

Let baby run naked outside: This option isn't for everyone, but if there is a fence outside and no one cares if the baby is naked, sunshine and a dry bottom can help ease some cases of diaper rash

Baking soda bath: Take three tablespoons of baking soda and add it to baby's bath water. Let the child play as usual for around ten minutes, and then take them out and make sure the area is completely dried off.  Repeat this bath treatment twice a day for optimal results.

Coconut oil: This handy oil is known to be useful in many ways besides frying meat for dinner. Coconut oil spread onto the rash itself will soothe pain and encourage the skin to heal faster.

No matter what unique diaper rash treatment is applied, always remember to speak to local pediatricians if the rash gets worse or does not go away.