Finding The Right Accommodations For Your Physical Therapy Treatments

If your doctor has recommended that you seek out physical therapy treatments to help with your accident recovery, you may be asking yourself how you'll be able to get there. If your accident has unfortunately left you with mobility issues, it can be challenging to get to your appointments if you don't have a close caregiver to help assist you. Luckily, there are resources available. Here are just a few ways to contact organizations that can help.

Your Primary Doctor

One of the first places to ask for additional help with getting to and from physical therapy appointments is your primary doctor. He will have the resources available to guide you to the right type of health care clinic that can accommodate your needs. Some physical therapy clinics set up services that may come to you initially, until you're able to improve strength and balance. From there, services may move to physical therapy clinic visits in which the office will come and pick you up and escort you to each appointment.

Home Care Services

If you're unable to get out and physically meet with a physical or occupational therapist on a routine basis, home care services may be recommended. Home care services include:

  • Visits by a licensed physical therapist or assistant
  • An exercise plan that can easily be performed inside the comfort of your home
  • Equipment that you can borrow to help complete daily range of motion routines
  • An aide that will assist with daily living routines and help prepare for strength training exercises

Home care services are based off of your medical and financial needs. You will have to ask your insurance company if these services will be covered. Ask your primary doctor for a referral.

Public Transportation Assistance

Another way to get to your appointments safely is through a local public transportation company. Some independent transportation companies are available to help you arrange rides to and from your physical therapy appointment. They have chair lifts and handicap accessible platforms and doors to help you safely get in and out of the bus or van. Contact your local public transportation switchboard to inquire about special accommodations and rates. 

Social Workers

Social workers provide an excellent resource for individuals with disabilities or temporary mobility issues. Contact your primary care doctor or the doctor who referred you from a hospital or clinic. From there, they will be able to contact different physical therapy clinics or offices to help find the right match for what you're looking for. A social worker may also be able to arrange private transportation services or coordinate a volunteer service that has a handicap accessible van or vehicle that will pick you up and drop you off at future appointments.

Don't let your temporary or permanent mobility issues hold you back from getting the physical therapy care that you need. Contact your doctor or physical therapist today to set up your first appointment. For more information, contact establishments like DeSoto Memorial Hospital.