Identify A Cough Early For Best Results

No matter the time of year, you may experience the onset of symptoms indicating you are getting sick. A cough is one of those symptoms. Whether it is you or a family member that is coughing, you are right to have concerns. Unfortunately, you may discover that what appears to be a cough turns into something more. These are the signs you need to look for that something more could be happening.

The Cough Sounds Raspy

A raspy cough is often a sign of an infection, and it can also lead to an intense struggle to breathe. Rest and fluids are one way to get rid of this cough, but you may also want to invest in a humidifier for your home. If you notice a struggle to breathe, ensure that you seek medical treatment to address the cause.

The Cough Sounds Hoarse

Often, a hoarse cough sounds a bit weak, but it comes with some pain. If somebody complains of coughing while also experiencing muscle aches and a fever, the flu may be the cause. To ease the symptoms of a flu, drink more water and other fluids. Ibuprofen can reduce fever and pain as well, but worsening symptoms indicate that you should visit a doctor as well.

The Cough Is Extremely Dry

A dry cough is more consistent with a condition like asthma. You may notice the chest caving in during breaths during an asthma attack. You need to see a doctor if you suspect you or your loved one has asthma. A doctor will perform a test of lung functioning to determine the next steps.

The Cough Sounds Severe, Like Whooping

Whooping cough was rare thanks to vaccines, but in the 2010s it emerged again. Children, individuals with weak immune systems, and those who have not been vaccinated are at high risk for conditions like whooping cough, which can be dangerous. Whooping cough also comes with a runny nose and fever, but often the coughs can be so intense that they cause the cougher to turn blue or red. You absolutely must see a doctor if you suspect you or somebody else has this condition.

The Cough Sounds Like a Dog Bark

A cough that sounds more like the sound a dog makes than a human could be a sign of an infection. You should expect this kind of cough to come with a hoarse voice and a runny nose. For this kind of cough, you should consult with a doctor. Medications like Tylenol may relieve the discomfort that comes with this kind of illness.

No matter the kind of cough you suspect you or your loved one has, you are smart to see a doctor. Regardless of the symptoms, a doctor can rule out some of the scarier options or provide treatment. To learn more, contact a medical office like Our Family Direct Primary Care today.