What Types Of Medical Services Do Health Care Centers Provide?

Health care centers make it easy for people to access the medical care they need. In these facilities, many doctors gather under one roof to provide routine physical exams, diagnostic services, and treatment for patients of various ages, sexes, and care needs. Here are four types of care you can find at a health care center:

1. Women's Health

Women's health is a discipline that governs reproductive care as it pertains to the female body. It's a good idea for girls to have their first gynecologist appointment as soon as they begin menstruating. Fortunately, health care centers offer women's health services so women of all ages can receive competent and compassionate care.

Women may want to consider visiting an OB-GYN doctor annually for a pelvic exam and check-up. Regular pap smears can detect cell anomalies before they progress into cervical cancer. Women's health doctors can also prescribe birth control and assist women throughout their pregnancies. 

2. Primary Care

Health care centers can also provide primary care for people of all ages. Primary care typically consists of annual physical exams that allow doctors to ensure their patients are healthy. Blood tests may be administered as part of this exam. Your primary care doctor can help you manage ongoing conditions and avoid preventable diseases. Your primary doctor is also the person who will coordinate care if you become sick or injured and need to see a specialist.

3. Specialty Care

Specialists are medical doctors who have extensively studied certain aspects of medicine. For example, an orthopedic doctor specializes in bone, joint, and muscle health. A rheumatologist specializes in autoimmune disorders, such as rheumatoid arthritis. Specialists can provide surgery and other treatments for people struggling with acute and chronic conditions. Visiting a specialist at a health care center can make getting medical care simple since all your doctors will be located in one place.

4. Emergency Services

Some health care centers also provide emergency services. Emergency services help people in situations that require immediate care. If you break a bone, experience a severe allergic reaction, or think you're having a heart attack, you should go to an emergency room immediately. ER doctors will stabilize you and provide the immediate care you need. They can apply splints, perform stitches, and administer medication. After your discharge from the ER, you'll likely be instructed to return to the health care center to follow up with your regular doctor at a later date.

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