Concierge Medicine: What You Need To Know About Personalized Healthcare

Concierge medicine is rapidly gaining in popularity among people who want personalized medical care and an enhanced healthcare experience. A concierge medical clinic offers its clients a unique approach to healthcare services that focuses on specialized attention and care, as well as a more convenient and comfortable experience. Here are some things to consider regarding concierge medicine and how it works.

Concierge Medicine Basics

Concierge medicine is a type of healthcare where patients, also known as clients, pay a retainer or fee so that they can receive personalized medical care. Concierge medicine provides patients with faster access to their primary care doctors and may also include more time spent with the doctor during office visits, more frequent visits, and around-the-clock access to health advice.

When patients visit a concierge medical clinic, they may enjoy a higher degree of personalized attention and less waiting time. Concierge medicine is also referred to as boutique medicine or membership medicine by some people.

How Concierge Medicine Works

In a concierge medical clinic, you will pay an annual all-inclusive fee to cover a variety of medical services, including annual physical examinations, preventative care services, and urgent care. Your physician will provide you with more time during your appointment to answer your questions and address your concerns without rushing you. You can also expect to have greater access to your doctor via email, text, phone, and video calls, to provide you with prompt and mover convenient access to healthcare advice. In addition, concierge medical care may lead to more positive health outcomes for clients.

With individualized care and specialized attention, doctors may be able to diagnose potential medical problems earlier when they are most treatable. You may also have access to faster results from your lab work and diagnostic imaging tests, which can help reduce anxiety and waiting times. Further, your concierge medical provider may also be able to get you quicker appointments for hospital-based medical tests, instead of waiting weeks or even months for your test. Proactive and preventative care may result in fewer hospital admissions, decreased medical costs, and a better quality of life for people.

If you are seeking a more personalized model of healthcare, contact a concierge medical clinic to learn more. As healthcare models continue to progress, concierge medical services may become the industry standard and normal way of getting healthcare. You can also talk to your primary care doctor to find out if they would like to enter into a concierge-type agreement with you because remaining with your long-time doctor may further enhance your healthcare experience.