A Guide to the Use of Cryotherapy for Your Cancer

If you or someone you care for has recently been diagnosed with cancer, one treatment that may be suggested in cryotherapy. Cryotherapy can be described as a controlled use of the intense cold associated with liquid nitrogen with the goal of freezing off cancerous cysts, tumors, bumps, etc. When you and your oncologist are creating a treatment plan for your cancer, it is a good idea to determine whether you will be able to benefit from this unique treatment option.

FAQs About Hypersomnia

If you are experiencing excessive sleepiness throughout the day, you could be suffering from a sleep disorder. Hypersomnia is a real sleep disorder that can have a significant impact on your life. Here is what you need to know about the condition.   What Are the Symptoms? Hypersomnia is characterized by more than just feeling sleepy. The sleepiness that is experienced could make it difficult to stay awake throughout the day.