What To Look For In A Cardiologist

When you have heart problems, you need to have the right specialist by your side. A heart specialist, or cardiologist, is a doctor who understands how the heart works and can perform surgery on the heart's valves and other parts of the heart as well. There are many reasons why you should invest in a quality cardiologist. For starters, you will need regular checkups on your heart, and your general doctor will likely refer you to a cardiologist anyhow.

Summertime Tick Bites: Prevention And Medical Clinic Treatment

The warm summer weather brings plenty of days of outdoor play. Along with fun in the sun comes run-ins with creatures and critters. If one of these chance meetings is with a tick, a trip to the nearest medical clinic may be on the horizon. Before you nix the notion of outdoor adventures this summer, out of tick-focused fear, take a look at how you can prevent bites and the related infections.