4 Questions to Ask at Your Hearing Aid Fitting

After you've ordered hearing aids, you'll meet with your audiologist to have your hearing aids fitted. This process typically includes an audio test to measure how well you can hear with the aids as well as a gain and EQ adjustment to fine-tune the volume and the levels of things like treble, mid-range, and bass. You'll also be given a tutorial on how to operate your particular hearing aids. However, you can ensure the process is exceptionally successful by asking these following important questions.

Three Things You Need To Know About Ambulance Services

If you have never ridden in an ambulance for anything, count yourself lucky. Most who do end up riding in an ambulance do so because they need to, and because they (or someone near and dear to them) are having a medical emergency. If you have ridden in an ambulance for any reason, you might have been surprised to receive a bill for the ambulance's services that was separate from the hospital bills.