Prostate Cancer Screening

Prostate cancer can be successfully treated if detected early. To increase the chances of early detection, healthcare providers recommend routine screening, ideally before any symptoms present. Screening usually begins with a physical examination, which may be followed by blood tests, urine tests, or a biopsy if the doctor observes any irregularities. Candidates for Screening Prostate cancer affects 1 out of 8 men. Age, genetics, and racial background are factors that can determine who should be screened.

Tips For Eliminating Your Lice Problem

It is an unfortunate fact that lice can be a common problem that families will have to address. Unfortunately, lice problems can be extremely difficult to address, but there are steps that may make it easier for you to eliminate the lice problem. Comb And Treat The Hair Daily When treating a lice problem, combing the hair with a specialized tool can allow you to remove the lice from the hair.

Why Do Eye Doctors Dilate Your Eyes?

It's one of the most memorable parts of the eye exam. The doctor puts drops in your eyes, and approximately 20 minutes later you're leaving with those flimsy plastic sunglasses. Your eyes are dilated, and they can't handle any semblance of light. Of course, there's a reason why eye doctors do this. Eye dilation is an important part of the eye exam, and it allows the doctor to get a good look at the back of your eye.

Cardiac Services Offered At An Urgent Care Clinic

Non-life-threatening heart conditions include a rapid heart rate, slight discomfort in the chest, and shortness of breath. These symptoms can be assessed at an urgent care facility that provides basic cardiology services.   Urgent Care Emergency room visits that require the use of technological medical equipment can be expensive. If you do not have a life-threatening condition, you may be subjected to waiting in a reception area for several hours. Being seen at a hospital may require multiple tests that are administered by more than one specialist.

TMS Therapy: Can It Treat Your Severe Social Phobia?

If you suffer from severe social phobia, you may take anxiety medications or other treatments to improve your condition. But if every treatment you try fails to improve your condition, ask a health clinic about transcranial magnetic stimulation, or TMS, therapy. TMS therapy may help alleviate or control your symptoms. Learn more about transcranial magnetic stimulation and how it may help with your social phobia below. How Does TMS Therapy Work?