Stem Cell Therapy For The Knees

There is a lot going on in your knees. They are joints where your upper and lower leg bones meet up. The knees work like hinges due to their bending abilities, but they also offer support for all of the weight of your upper body that is located above them. Along with bones, the knees are made up of a number of elements, including cartilage, ligaments, tendons, and muscles. All these things come together to give you knees that offer you both support and the ability to move in a normal manner.

Identify A Cough Early For Best Results

No matter the time of year, you may experience the onset of symptoms indicating you are getting sick. A cough is one of those symptoms. Whether it is you or a family member that is coughing, you are right to have concerns. Unfortunately, you may discover that what appears to be a cough turns into something more. These are the signs you need to look for that something more could be happening.

Your Family Doctor — A Valuable Ally When You're Facing Domestic Violence

If you're the victim of domestic violence, the simple answer might be to call the police and press charges against your attacker. In reality, though, doing so may be difficult. Whether you lack the courage to stand up for yourself or you have a distrust for law enforcement, you might be reluctant to immediately involve the police. Fortunately, you can find a valuable and perhaps unexpected ally for your situation in your family doctor.